A tool for employers who recognize the business benefits of including people with disabilities in the workplace.

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What is BenchmarkABILITY®?

BenchmarkABILITY® is a self-assessment tool for organizations. You can begin to learn more about leading practices to promote disability inclusive workplaces by taking any of six short checklists.
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  • Metrics & Analytics

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Career Development & Retention

  • Recruitment & Hiring

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Accessibility & Accommodation

Track Your Organization's Effort

BenchmarkABILITY® tracks your progress toward the implementation of effective policies and practices around disability in six areas, with checklists that can be taken at your pace. These can be completed by an individual or a group of users in the same organization.
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Action Planning for Your Organization

The survey reports provide practical recommendations, highlight possible considerations and next steps for the organization. The reports can be downloaded or printed for future reference.
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